Workshops for Business Analysts

Clariteq's workshops are popular worldwide because they're developed and taught by professionals with years of real-world project experience. No theoretical or academic ideas here about what might work – we cover what really works in our core two-day workshops:

  • Working With Business Processes
  • Data Modelling
  • Use Cases & Services

Collectively, they provide an integrated set of techniques that can be used to specify requirements for even the largest project. Individually, each covers a specific topic – business goals and processes, application requirements, and the underlying data needs – with clear guidelines, tips, and practical methods that maximize the involvement of business subject matter experts. For those needing even higher levels of skill in data modelling, we offer the top-rated three-day workshop:

  • Advanced Data Modelling

Thousands of people have attended Clariteq workshops, and recommend them enthusiastically because they're short, practical, fun, and best of all – the techniques actually work outside the classroom.

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Consulting Services

Clariteq has helped organisations of all sizes – from 40 to 100,000 or more employees – improve their performance by clarifying goals and aligning effort, redesigning business process, and achieving more effective systems development or acquisition. Our particular strengths are facilitation, business process redesign, model-based requirements definition, application selection, and supporting the implementation and adoption of internally developed or purchased applications. We also help organizations gain a clear view of how their existing systems impact business capabilites.

Clients appreciate that we aren't the leading edge of an army of consultants – we always transfer skills to client staff, and often provide oversight when large consulting firms or vendors are involved.

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About Alec

Alec SharpAlec helps organizations improve their business processes, determine requirements for the systems that support them, and teach their business analysts to do the same.

Contact information
Email: asharp(at)
Twitter: alecsharp

Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd.
2478 Nelson Avenue
West Vancouver, BC

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Upcoming Public Events

IRMUK BA Conference Europe 2015

Sept 21-23, 2015 in London, England

I'll present a half-day workshop on
Sept 21:

Process Modelling and Analysis –
Practical Techniques and Frameworks

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Working With Business Processes:

Discovery, Assessment, Mapping, Analysis and Design

Oct 22-23 2015 in London, England

March 10-11 2016 in London, England

"UK public offerings in fall 2015 and late winter 2016."

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Business-Oriented Data Modelling:

A Practical Approach to Entity-Relationship Modelling

Oct 26-27 2015 in London, England

"Our first-ever public Data Modelling workshop in the UK. Find out why there's a global resurgence of interest in data modelling."

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Advanced Data Modelling:

Communication, Consistency, and Complexity

Oct 28-30 2015 in London, England

"Our first-ever public Advanced Data Modelling workshop in the UK. Develop higher-quality data models, in less time, with greater engagement."

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IRMUK Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence Conference Europe 2015

Nov 02-05 2015 in London, England

"My first time presenting at this conference since 2009 - I can't wait!"

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Data Modelling:

A Business-oriented Approach to Entity-Relationship Modelling

Nov 23-24 2015 in Hilversum, Netherlands

"Our Oct 2014 class in Hilversum received excellent ratings!"

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Advanced Data Modelling:

Communication, Consistency, and Complexity

Nov 25-26 2015 in Hilversum, Netherlands

"Highly participative - come and find out why this class is so highly rated!."

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In the works!

DAMA Florida - Oct 16

DAMA UK - Oct 21

Advanced BPM - Jan/Feb 2016
NZ & Oz SoftEd

Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development.
Second Edition by Alec Sharp
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